7 Tips Choosing Right Domain Name


Name is the first identity of everything. So, naming is the most important thing for a human being, for objects and whatever in this world.  For that very reason, choosing the right name of your website which is relevant to your site content is very important. Dear visitor, if you cannot choose the right name for your website, then you can take help from this article. These tips are especially for beginners.

  1. Create a Unique Domain Name

Never choose a domain name that matches with or almost similar to a popular site already owned by someone else. It will not be optimal for the visitors to identify your website; instead of visiting your site they can visit that renowned one. For this bitter reason, I never choose a domain name that is simply the plural, misspelled or hyphenated version of an already recognized domain.

  1. Think of 5 Top Keywords

    Before searching domain name on the Internet, think of about 5 terms or phrases that best describe your purpose. Then you can start pairing them or adding prefixes & suffixes to create excellent domain ideas.

For instance, if you’re launching a domain related to mortgages, you might begin with words like “mortgage, house payment,  home equity, interest rate, finance, etc.” and then play around until you can get a good match.

  1. Make Your Domain Name Readable

Do not choose a domain name that are made of multiple words and do not write same letter side by side  such as – Wikihowworld because many computer and print media find it difficult to identify such words.

  1. Make It easy to Remember

Try to use simple words so that people can remember your domain name easily. For the convenience of remembering your domain name of your visitors do not make the domain name long and keep it short.

  1. Never Infringe Copyright Rule

Infringing copyright rule is an improper act. It can do a lot of harm of a good domain and good company. Visit www.copyright.gov and be confirm about the fact that your domain name is not becoming abusive to someone’s copyright.

For example, choosing your website name as DisneyMovies.com or PedoMickeyMouse.com may be infringing to copyright rule

  1. Utilize Google’s Tools

Maximize your SEO (search engine optimization) by taking advantage of Google’s tools, such as-                  Google Trends and Google Keywords. These tools are helpful to find easier searchable or more commonly searched alternatives and provide you your predictable search numbers.

  1. Tie Your Domain Name with Your Brand Name

Rather than tying your domain name with the product name, it is better to tie it with brand name. It will be more helpful for your customers or visitors to find you easily. There is another advantage too. It can reduce the price of your domain.

These are very simple techniques to choose a right domain name. I have said before that the tips written above are especially for beginner. After becoming concerned about simple tips and tricks, do not do late to know and to apply special techniques.  The following link can come into your help.

7 Tips Making Domain Name Perfect



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