An Ultimate Guide to Publishing eBook on Amazon’s Kindle Platform


The number of eBook readers is increasing day by day at a rapid motion. If you are an entrepreneur, blogger, writer, or chef and you have an incredible, life-changing idea, ebook publishing may be a better option for you to grow and expand your ideas or business easily. An insightful, compelling eBook can instill valuable wisdom, actions, stories and ideas to your visitors and it is idiosyncratic for this purpose.

7 Steps to Publishing eBook on Amazon’s Kindle Platform

Step 1: Target effective visitors
Without targeting effective visitors, you will find no improvement in the number of subscribers, traffic, or any building of trust.
So without targeting effective visitors, an eBook is useless
In order to find out effective visitors, ask the following questions to yourself:
Who are your effective visitors?
• What do they prefer or like?
• What they want to learn?
• What are you offering them for their time, and can you fulfill their need?
• Are you motivating your visitors with ideas and examples?

Step 2: Creating a platform

To build up a good relationship with your visitors and giving responses to their feedback, you need a platform.Here is a simple but useful guideline to create your platform:

creating platform

Blogs, websites, Twitter etc. may be your platform. Your own platform can benefit you and your eBook in many ways:
• Your readers can find you here, know about you and your writing, give you support, and give feedback on your platform easily.
• You can continue your conversation with the readers.
• A blog is your own portfolio: it contains your work, your information, credibility — almost all of you.
• Your blog has a face and examples of your work; you can meet like-minded individuals through your eBook and make a network with them.
• Guest posting for other blogs lets more visibility to your eBook or your blog. From there, you can find new readers interested in your writing.
Twitter ( twitter logo)  is a great platform for both your eBook and yourself:
• Your readers can follow you on Twitter and you can give response to their feedback.
• You can find people having similar passions and interests.
• Hashtags (#) are very helpful to brand your eBooks. When your fans click on hashtag, they will see other people giving feedback about your eBook, and that may spark their interest.
• You can promote your eBook by sending relevant and valuable tweets.
Your writing category or type does not matter, your visitors need a place to find you and know about you and your writing. If you do not have your own platform you are ultimately shorting yourself.
Try to express your own unique idea; people do not like so much a digital sharecropper.

Step 3: Writing eBook

If you have your own platform and you already have targeted your visitors, it is high time to start writing your eBook.
The easiest way to start writing an eBook is by using Microsoft Word or Pages for Mac. (Kindle suggests you write it in Word because if you want to format this yourself, you must have to save your file to a filtered .html or .htm format, which translates on Kindle very well.)
The following few things you must keep in mind while writing:
• Creating TOC ( Table of Contents)
• Inserting a page break after finishing your chapter to eliminate unnecessary white space. Eliminating unnecessary white space is necessary so that your reader can scroll to the next page instantly.
Have you finished with your TOC?
Give a page break.
Have you finished with your copyright page?
Give a page break.
Do you know how to insert “Page break?”
 Go to “Insert” at the left of the top menu bar.
 You will find “Page Break” option here at no 3 from left.

page break• Avoid headers, footers, or any sexy font as Kindle have standard fonts, and it cannot translate these,
• Bold, italicize, and headings translate are allowed.
• Images should be inserted as .JPGs
After completing writing your eBook, start the formatting process.

Step 4: Necessary Kindle Tools and Resources to download
You have to download a few things to preview and format your eBook. You will see four options:
I. KindleGen
II. Kindle Previewer
III. Kindle Plugin for Adobe InDesign and
IV. Kindle PC/MAC application.
If you don’t have InDesign and you also haven’t downloaded the app already, you need both of KindleGen and Previewer. Using the Previewer, you get to preview your eBook and can ensure that it’s formatted to your desire.

Go up to the top menu of the previewer and click on the option to view your eBook on the actual Kindle App.
Kindle App is available in the following systems:
• Windows PC
• iPhone
• iPad
• Android
• Blackberry
• Windows 7 Phones
• Mac
They have the Kindle Cloud Reader, which enables you to read eBooks on your browser: Google Chrome, safari, and mozilla.

icon chrome safari-icon firefox logo

Step 5: eBook Formatting
You can format your ebooks by yourself, or you can pay someone to do it who has good knowledge about HTML.
Step 6: Ways of uploading eBook
To upload your eBook:
1. Go to the KDP Select route
2. Or don’t

What is KDP Select route?
KDP is the short form of Kindle Direct Publishing.Your eBook is locked in for 90 days when you enroll in this program. Within these 90 days, you have 5 free promotional days to give your eBook out for free. After finishing those 5 free days, your eBook will be back on the market for a price. Within these 90-days, your eBook will be available in the Kindle Owners’ Library.

What is the Kindle Owners’ Library?
This is an exclusive option for Amazon Prime Members. Borrowing eBooks is available on Kindle devices, not Kindle reading apps.
Amazon Prime members can borrow an eBook for free for a total month with no due dates. When someone borrows your eBook, you can earn money.
(Note: Only eBooks enrolled in KDP Select are available to Kindle Owners’ Library.)

How is it calculated?
For instance, if the monthly fund amount is $500,000, the total qualified borrows of all participating KDP titles is 300,000, and if your eBook was borrowed 1,500 times, you can earn 0.5% (1,500/300,000 = 0.5%), or $2,500 for that month.
If you are not enrolled in KDP Select, You can still upload your eBook to Kindle, but your eBook will not be in the Kindle Owners’ Library.

If you are enrolled in KDP Select, let’s get this out of the way: Your eBook cannot be free on Kindle. It will be available for free for 5 days of your choice if you enroll in their KDP Select program, and if you do not enroll, you must have a price tag on it for at least 99 cents.
If you choose to enroll in the KDP Select program, these are the restrictions Amazon places on your eBook:

• You cannot keep your eBook on your blog as a subscription or email newsletter opt-in bonus
• No iBooks are allowed
• No Nook is allowed
• No PDF version with your specific formatting and sexy fonts are allowed
• You cannot distribute it anywhere else for 90 days.

You can, however, opt-out of the KDP Select program before completing 90 days. When you opt-out and the 90 days are over, you can allocate your eBook anywhere else you like. Your eBook will still be up on the Kindle market, but you will not have all the promotional tools.
If you enroll and stay opted-in, your 90 days will renew, and 5 more days of the free promotion will be given.
Step 7: Upload your eBook.
You have made your choice. Now it’s time to upload.
Hit Save & Publish button; it will take about 24 hours to be included in the Kindle store. Within 48-72 hours, you can see the remaining details of publication on the detail page, e.g., product description and related links to the physical edition.
eBook cover
The cover is very important for your eBook. If the cover is gross and does not contain a clear message, the readers’ eyes will scroll right over it, and your chance may be lost forever.
So I shall highly recommend you to hire a designer. As an enthusiastic reader of Kindle eBooks, I’d say 85% of the covers out there are garbage — this is a chance, it’s your time to shine.

Can you withdraw your eBook at any time?
Yes, you can withdraw your eBook at any time, but the important thing you should remember is: Once you are enrolled in KDP Select, that “exclusive” rule still applies for 90 days — so even if you withdraw, you will not be able to publish your eBook on another platform.

How to get royalties?
As the publisher price is determined by you. KDP offers you two royalty options: 70% and 35%. If you are interested in receiving 70% royalties for your eBook, you must fulfill the following criteria:

• Your eBook price must be between $2.99 and $9.99.
• This list price must be at least 20 percent below the lowest physical list price for the physical book.

ISBN number
An ISBN number is not compulsory to publish your eBook through Kindle Direct Publishing; you will receive a 10-digit Amazon Standard Identification Number, and this is a unique number to your eBook, which will be found on Kindle Amazon. But if you have an ISBN number, you can enter it into the publishing process.

Now, if you have defined your target audience and if you have an idea of how to market it, write the eBook, format it, and then upload that book. But just because your eBook is up, don’t think that your journey is ended up; no, dear – it has just been started up. Always try to be updated and let me know about your experience and questions regarding publishing your eBook on Amazon’s Kindle platform.



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