Top 10 tips to get 1000+ visitors every day


Different persons do blog for different purposes. At the core, though, the basic purpose of blogging is that we want our voices to be heard by others. Everyone wants traffic or visitors. In a blogosphere with millions and millions of sites compete for visitors. It often seems very tough to crack through the clamor of competing distractions. There is good news that you have the power to make your blog more visible and more attractive to folks interested in the same things like you.
This article contains several tips, advice and general wisdom, selected from our growing archive of posts on traffic and growth, on how to get your blog more visible. This is no matter that what type of blog you have or even where you keep it such as –, BlogSpot or self-hosted.
Hope this article will help you to get new visitors and make blogging a rewarding activity it can be.

How to Get 1000+ Visitors Every Day?

Who else wants to get 1000+ visitors every day?
-Hands down, every beginner blogger wants1000+ visitors every day.
Do you know the reason why most of the people quit blogging?
-Lack of visitors.
I know how painful it is when no one reads your blog. If I had to make a fresh start again, I would do the same things that you’re going to explore now.

Why 1,000+ visitors every day?

If you get 1,000+ visitors each and every day you are on the track to make some serious business online since getting more visitors mean more opportunity of earning. You can attract more likes, shares, conversions and affiliate income if thousands of visitors visit your blog every day.
In the blogosphere 95% of the bloggers cannot reach that number. This is the truth. They eventually quit blogging due to the lack of traffic.
But here is good news. If you are searching for effective ways to get 1000+ visitors every day and ready to put some serious efforts, I’ll share few effective ways to get long lasting visitors.
This approach takes HUGE effort!
If you are looking for “fastest ways to Get 1000+ Visitors every day” this article is not for you.
Take a cup of tea or coffee because this article is going to be quite long.


Tip 1: Write lengthy and thorough blog posts

The average content length for a web page that ranks in the top 10 results for any keyword on Google contains at least 2,000 words. Short and small size blog posts have no bright future. So give most importance to write lengthy and thorough posts in your blog. But at the same time keep it in mind that “Lengthy” and “Through” do not mean irrelevant information. Irrelevant information may decrease the number of your visitors.

liIn the above graph, you can see that the first result typically contains 2,416 words and the 10th result contains 2,032 words.
Pillar article
In short, a pillar article is that type of article where your visitors can take immediate action such as – after reading your post. The actions may be sharing, commenting, linking or subscribing to your blog.
A pillar article should have the following characteristics:
 Well researched
 2000+ words
 Full of actionable tips
 Relevantly linked to other blogs.

Most readers do not have sufficient time to read your blog posts thoroughly although it does not mean less importance of writing blog posts thoroughly. The readers should have strong reasons to read your post. What else might be the better reason than making something that is worth implementing?
Pillar articles are the corner stones of any successful blogs. Most blogs fail to reach desired traffic number because of only one simple reason that they do not create pillar articles.
Now you might say that you are already creating good enough content.
Listen dear, good enough content is not always good enough.
You need to choose your content in such a way so that your visitors or readers get the solution of their problems; create curiosity among your visitors in such a way so that they can be inspired enough to take actions. For this purpose –

 At first, focus on readers’ tendency
 Find out what problems they are facing
 Suggest solutions to solve their problems through your blog posts.
Thus you can earn your blog- popularity.

14 General Writing Strategies

1. Start with a good and relevant headline
A good and relevant headline makes people enthusiastic to click on and read your content. Convey a sense of urgency and be dramatic; promise for providing better results or use number such as “7 Effective Ways…”
Visitors will be enthusiastic to know the content of your post.
2. Research about New Topic and Title Ideas
Researching content by topic is helpful for finding out what is trending across your niche and thus you can find easily what you need to discover.
Now bloggers and content marketers have started to pay attention to a content development tool called Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo is a fabulous content development and research tool that is worthy of praise.


3. Write alluring introduction
Your headline can tempt readers to click and your introduction can hook them to continue reading your article. Make an alluring statement. Ask some relatable questions. Tell them how the article is going to develop some aspects of their life or can provide some useful information for them.
4. Write easy and simple words and sentences
You must not talk to your friends using 15-letter words or long, complex sentences. Readers will not feel comfortable reading your article either they frequently have to search an online dictionary or to give extra time reading it if the subject matter seems difficult to understand. So use simple words and sentences, so that your readers can read and understand your writing easily.
5. Make a conversation
Write your article in such a pattern so that it seems the reader is in front of you are talking with him/ her. Use words like “you” and “I”.
6. Do not fluff
Fluffing and unnecessary discussions create bareness among your readers.. Relevant contents are very helpful to raise the popularity level of your article among readers.
7. Write short paragraphs
Readers do not have long attention spans. Perhaps I already have lost half of the readers of this blog. It is true that there is no hard and fast rule, but typically, paragraphs consisting of 5-7 sentences are easier to comprehend.
8. Use subheadings
You can organize your content using subheadings so that your readers can scan the page easily.
9. Use pictures
Try to use an interesting and relevant picture at the starting of your post. It has been seen in a research that pictures or images are very effective to increase click-through rates, shares and links. Truly saying, images such as- charts, graphs, spreadsheets, graphics, etc. can often facilitate the information transformation better than text.
10. Tell a story
Everyone loves to read or listen story. So try to tell a good story about the topic of discussion at the time of presenting facts and figures. If the topic of discussion has some influence on your own life or if you have any other personal experience about the topic, you can share it to your readers.
11. Communicate with the visitors
Do not make yourself alien to your visitors by separating yourself from them. You are a human being with personality and experiences. Allow your readers to communicate with you and build a stronger connection with them
12. Write a good conclusion
Good headline tempt the visitors to click on your site and good introduction hooks them to read the content of your post and finally a good conclusion makes them to feel that they didn’t waste time. Once they feel your blog useful for them, they will visit again. Thus you can hold them.
13. Proofreading and fact-checking
The facts and statistics you use to support your opinion or argument need to be correct if you want to be a credible blogger. Although one or two typos can be acceptable, but an article beset with poor grammar and wrong spelling won’t get shared.
14. Keep social sharing buttons visible
In order to increase the acquaintance and popularity of your blog, social networks are the best options. If you are a B2B blog, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook are the best platforms for you. If you are a visual B2C brand, e.g. fashion or foodie blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are the best platforms for you.
Give some efforts to research on your target demographic and be active on the social media.

Pay attention to readers’ interaction instead of visits

When you’re starting from scratch to get 1,000 visitors per day – pay more attention to reader’s interaction instead of “blog traffic”.
Reader interaction includes the following terms-
• Commenting on your posts
• Sharing your posts
• Linking to your sites
• Taking your interviews
• Subscribing to your email lists
• Buying your products etc.
Tip 2: Kindle choose 90-day traffic plan
Now self-published books represent 31% of eBook sales in the Amazon Kindle Store.
In past, you used to need thousands of dollars and a contract with a large publishing house to publish your book. But now the situation has been changed. Anybody with an idea worth sharing can be a published author within a week and, more significantly, drive a huge traffic to their blog.
If you want to know about kindle publishing go here –
I will discuss about how you can drive targeted traffic and how you can reach thousands of people for free when you publish using Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).
Here you can know how it works when you publish your Kindle book.You can register your book into the “Kindle Direct Publishing Select Program”. Thus you can make your book exclusive to the Kindle Store for 90 days and can include it in the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library; from here thousands of targeted readers can borrow your book for free. You also can run a promotion without any cost for a paid eBook for 5 of those 90 days.

khThere are two simple techniques to use your Kindle book for driving traffic to your blog or landing page:
Inside the book link directly to your website
Use a cost free giveaway
Let’s go over how you to get traffic by linking directly to your site.

The above screenshot shows how you can link to your blog or website inside your book directly before registering it in Kindle Direct Publishing Program. Applying this strategy you can drive 200 extra visitors to your site within a month.
But remember that linking directly to your website isn’t enough to make you stand out. To drive more traffic to your website or blog, use your eBook by including a free giveaway. Truly saying eBook works as traffic magnet.

Tip 3: Long-tail Keyword

Long tail keywords were a major traffic driver before rolling out first Panda update in 2011 by Google. From then, it’s been very easier to dominate Google and to drive organic traffic to your blog and thus building a profitable business has become easier.
After optimizing naturally for long-tail keywords, organic traffic has been increased 78% – recorded by Search Engine Journal.


The question is:
How to identify long tail key phrases with minimal or low competition?
Is it possible to find long-tail keywords that virtually targeted by no one?
The answer is – Yes it is!
But you have to research extensively and form lengthy, useful content with long-tail keywords front and center. Do that and you will be able to funnel targeted traffic to your blog and thus you can create a community of evergreen audience.
Why long tail keywords are great?
• They expose intent of the searcher. If anyone types “Buy jewelry online” you can know what they are searching for.
• They tell you how to structure your content so that it can solve the problem of the searcher. If someone does not wanna buy, there’s nothing in it for you. If they are interested to buy, you can focus on the features and benefits of the product in your content to deliver according to the customer’s need.
The following 3 steps are helpful to dominate Google’s top 10 with long tail keywords.
• Step 1: Google Autosuggest
• Step 2: Google Keyword Planner
Step 3: Write

Tip4: Sharing content on social media

Social media is very effective to communicate with traffic. So you can choose it as the first place to send your new post.
Social media are also very helpful to get free traffic. Once you become popular on networks, e.g. Twitter or Facebook, you can get a huge traffic from there; the traffic you get from social media can surpass the traffic from Google and the other search engines very easily. Although building a large network of targeted traffic on Twitter and Facebook takes a lot of time and effort but generally the result is worth.

Tip 5: Forum Posting

You can get free traffic from URLs in forum signatures. Forums get millions of visitors per day. Once you become a popular user on such a forum, you can use this to drive traffic to your site. When people like your posts on forum they tend to click on the link to your site on your signature to learn more about the topic.

Tip 6: Commenting on Blog

For building blog traffic, commenting on blogs is quite possibly the most overlooked method, because people suck at doing quality, meaningful discussion with unknown people. Nevertheless, blog commenting is a quality method for building traffic without any cost.

Avoid spamming on blog commenting

I’m not speaking about dropping a link out of the blue or spamming the blog owner with useless comment, for example “nice post – thank you” …… those are irrelevant.
I’m speaking about leaving a quality and useful comment that intrigues the blogger and their readers, tending them want to learn more about you, that means you should give other a reason to other readers (in your comment) to learn more about you.

Effective blog comment

There are two effective rules to do blog comment:
(1) Writing a quality comment –If you don’t have something meaningful to add to the discussion, don’t do a comment.
(2) Drop a link where it is appropriate – Don’t do spam, it is no matter how tempting it may be; it will not good for you, it will backfire on you.
Here’s an example of an effective blog comment:


For beginners, Mr. Miller goes into some detail. He has offered exclusive perspective relevant to the original post while letting readers to know about himself and his relevancy to the topic. He has displayed his own skill in the search field by sharing his own experience. Thus he has earned my attention and tempted me to learn more about him and I clicked on his Moz profile and now I follow him on Twitter.

Tip 7: Generating Email Traffic

The first step of email marketing is building an exclusive email list. If you have a blog with useful and valuable content, you can build an exclusive list of email easily. You can use a plugin such as OptinMonster by which you can place opt-in forms in multiple opt-in places on your site.
Suppose you email a link to a new blog post to your 1500 email subscribers. 20%, or 300 of them, click on the link. Among them, a dozen or more share it with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on, sending you another 100 new visitors.
You can repeat this process as many times as you like. Publish at least three great blog posts per week and get 900 visitors per week easily.
Hope that you have understood why building an email list is very important.

Tip 8: Link Creation

Link creation is another way to get free traffic from other sites in your niche. It is also good for SEO, especially if you can manage to get links without the well-known nofollow (useless for SEO) attribute. But even if the links are nofollow they still help to drive traffic to your site or blog. If you can manage to place your link in a visible place on a site with high volumes of traffic, you may catch thousands of hits from this link.
If you require list of sites within your niche from where you can get backlinks from. But be very careful while exchanging links because linking to bad neighbors can do a lot of harm of you.

Tip 9: Content Marketing

At present marketers are giving more importance to invest into content marketing.
Brands such as- Coca Cola changed their marketing focus to content excellence from creative excellence. Other companies such as- Red Bull took this change seriously and built a 150 person publishing company. Thus the drink company is becoming a media company gradually.
Because of fast growing social networks content market has supercharged. Now bloggers get attention easily by creating tribes on social sites.

Tip 10: YouTube

YouTube – the second largest search engine on the web processes more than 3 billion searches per month.
According to me, how-tos and tutorials are the best performing videos for many e-commerce sites. Niche videos can drive thousands of traffic.
Do you have ever heard about Honda Ruckus? – It is a small scooter. If you own a Honda repair shop, you may want to consider producing a video on how to change the oil – this video has made more than 35,000 views.
How much time is needed to get 1000+ visitors per day?
It depends on your blog category. Depending on update frequency, any blog can be divided into two categories.
Category 1: Niche that requires less updates (viz SEO/SEM, IM and Web design blogs).
Category 2: Niche that requires updates (viz technology, news, entertainment etc.) frequently.
What’s your niche category? Category 1 or 2?

For category 2: If you are really providing quality stuff regularly, you can reach the magic number that is 1000+ visitors within 4-5 months. Category 1 takes more time than category 2 to reach the magic number.
A survey conducted by QuickSprout says that over 50% of people are now using smart phones or tablets to browse online information. If your blog is irresponsive to mobile you are surely losing a huge traffic. So make your site responsive to mobile.

In fine I wanna say that there is thousands of information about driving traffic on website. It is not possible to enlist all of the tips, tricks and strategies in one article and in in order to reach your goal you do not have to apply all of these rules. However, if you are aware of the most important ways as discussed in this article and you can apply these properly, you do not have to face any trouble to get lots of traffic for free – it is guaranteed, my dear.