How Take Care Laptop


How Take Care Laptop

The laptop is a portable device which is easy to carry. You can use it even if the power is turned off as its battery contains charge and give you service for 2-3 hours. Many people use a laptop as a desktop replacement and keep it plugged on most of the time. But the laptop is a very sophisticated device and you are more likely to damage a laptop than a desktop. Once it has got damaged it will be harder and expensive to repair.

Some Tips to How Take care laptop

Maintain Battery Temperature

Today’s most laptop batteries are lithium-ion-batteries. Although there is no danger of overcharging these lithium-ion batteries, but there is a detrimental effect of overcharging on your battery. If you use your laptop on AC power, then it is better to remove the battery. On the other hand, if you run your laptop on DC current, then plug off your laptop. Since charging increases your laptop’s temperature and at the same time CPU, graphics card and the hard disk also heat up your laptop. Consequently, your laptop will be overheated, which has a detrimental effect on every component of your device.

Do Not keep or Use Liquids Near to Your Laptop

Sometimes we are tempted to drink tea or coffee while using laptop. But accidentally if this liquid spill on your laptop, then a great damage of your device can happen. Spilling liquid on your device can cause internal damage of micro-electrical components. Short circuits can also happen due to this accident which can corrupt your data or destroy some parts of the laptop permanently. So, it is better to keep your drinks away from your laptop as accidents can happen at any time.

Using Career Case

Use carrier case to carry your laptop from one place to another. For this purpose, you can use a backpack or shoulder bag with a padded section designed especially for a laptop.

Cleaning the Keyboard Properly

Cleaning the keyboard regularly is useful to expand the lifespan of your keyboard. Dust is the enemy of each and every component of your device. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the keyboard, (in-fact not only keyboards but also other components of your laptop) every month. You can use a can of compressed air to clean your keyboard. Before cleaning the keyboard, turn off your laptop’s power.

Precaution: Liquid is harmful for your laptop’s keyboard. So do not soak up your keyboard by spilling liquid on it.

Cleaning the Screen of Your Laptop

Sometimes the screen of our laptop becomes dirty due to dust. That’s why it is needed to clean the laptop screen if you notice that it has become dirty. You can use dry, microfiber cloth (microfiber cloth is found at the optometrist’s office or photo and computer stores) to clean your laptop’s screen. Be gentle while cleaning the screen, but apply slight pressure on obstinate spots.

Alternative way: Mixing distilled water and white vinegar in equal proportions pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Turning off your laptop spray this mixture lightly onto the microfiber cloth, not onto the screen. Wipe the screen as instructed above and then waits for ten minutes before booting up.

Taking proper care of your laptop is very important to expand the lifespan of your laptop. The above mentioned tips are very common tips which must be followed by every laptop user.


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