Practical Examples PHP tutorial project


I am going to start a full project base tutorial. At the end of this project tutorial you will be able to learn how to develop fully customizable Ecommerce website as like CMS(Content Management System) WordPress, Joomla, Drupal with the help of PHP, HTML5 and CS3.

The basic requirement to start this tutorial series:

  • You have enough knowledge to understand any HTML5, CSS3 code.
  • You should know how to PHP code work.
  • Basic knowledge about PHP if else statement, functions, array (must know), while loop, for loop, for each loop, do while loop, POST and GET, date, Session, Cookies etc.
  • Basic knowledge about the database and how it works. Familiar with mysql coding will be a plus.

So, if you are a beginner and don’t know about PHP then i will suggest, you skip this tutorial and spent 1 month about PHP basic and comeback here to start this project tutorial. I will not show any interest to discuss a very basic of PHP but I will explain how the code work with real world examples. Which will be useful when you start any web design or development project. If you see something new which isn’t explained by me then go to and get idea.

If you can complete this series of Practical Examples PHP tutorial project you will be a pro PHP developer. So you can gain from here:

  • How to create PHP page.
  • How to combine PHP code with MySql database.
  • How to combine PHP and HTML code.
  • Real world code examples which you will be able to use your live project.
  • Our final destination will be created an Ecommerce blog website as like WordPress or Joomla and how to handle everything.
  • How to create a PHP membership website and how to manage and so on.

How to learn PHP in two months?

This heading was a pure joke. If you want to become a good developer, you should not think about the time frame. You have to write every code and need to run code, at last practice those codes again and again. If you don’t face any error or difficulty, then I will not believe that you are writing a single code rather than copying full code.

So don’t bind it on a time frame, but I can assure you that, if you complete my full series tutorial you will be able to work as PHP developer any freelancing websites and able to solve any problem. If you are a beginner PHP developer and fulfill basic requirement which I told you before, then it will take 2 month or 1 month or less time to complete this full project. Depend on how much time you spend.

What equipment is required?

  1. Notepad++
  2. XAMPP
  3. Browser(Mozilla Firefox)

I assumed that, as a web designer you already have strong knowledge about HTML, CSS. I will never explain the HTML, CSS code. You can use any code editor for writing PHP code. But as a beginner keep it simple like Notepad++ editor. I will use Notepad++. We will create a virtual server environment. XAMPP is a free and most popular tool for this. You can download from XAMPP website. For running code you can use any latest browser, but I am going to use Mozilla Firefox.

Every Code will be shared for you:

I will give code screenshot and plain text code. When you run those codes on any browser what will be the result? I will also give screenshots for this. So, you will be able to match everything and minimize your error.

After downloading XAMPP install it. Now run it for activation Apache and MySql. Check the below picture.

Practical Examples PHP tutorial project


Go to your browser and type http://localhost. Select language English and a page will be appeared like below image. When you start your laptop or computer and want to run PHP code then you should also need to check that your XAMPP software also running.

Practical Examples PHP tutorial project

The step by step, fully worked examples will show you what MySql and PHP can do and how to do it.


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