PC Mouse Touchscreen Joystick Functions


In this tutorial, I shall discuss about the PC Mouse Touchscreen Joystick Functions etc. diversity of pointing devices.

Mouse is a typical pointing device, but today different types of pointing devices have been invented such as- touch pad, touch screen, pointing stick e.t.c.

  1. Mouse: Typically, most of the programs have been designed to be used with the help of a mouse. The mouse cursor moves along with the mouse. The cursor is used to select different menu commands, areas and activating different objects by clicking on its button. Today, different types of mice have been invented such as-mechanical mouse, optical mouse, infrared (IR) or radio frequency cordless mouse, trackball mouse, stylus mouse, cordless 3-D mouse and so on.

Different types of mouse

  • Mechanical mouse: Mechanical mouse has a hard rubber ball. This hard rubber ball rolls with the movement of mouse. There are sensors inside the body of the mouse. These sensors detect the movement of the mouse and convert it into information which is interpreted by the computer.
  • Optical mouse: Optical mouse has LED sensor which detects tabletop movement and convert it into information which is interpreted by the computer.
  • Radio frequency cordless mouse or Infrared (IR) mouse: Radio frequency cordless mouse or Infrared (IR) mouse transmits a signal to a base station which is wired to the mouse port. The cordless mouse needs power and this power come in the form of batteries.
  • Trackball mouse: Trackball mouse is just like an upside-down mouse. Like other mouse, you don’t have to roll the mouse around if you use a trackball mouse. In case of trackball mouse, you have to use your thumb or index finger to roll a ball which is on top of the mouse. That means the whole apparatus stays static and that’s why it does not need a lot of room for functioning and its cord never tangles.
  • Stylus mouse: Stylus mouse is an ultramodern mouse mutation. It looks like a pen which is drawn on a special type of pad.
  • Cordless 3-D mouse: Cordless 3-D mouse is a high-tech mouse. It can be used from a certain distance of the monitor. You can point at the computer screen like a TV remote with the cordless 3-D mouse.
  • Mini-mouse: Mini mouse is a small egg-sized optical mouse including a folding cord. It is generally used in a free area of the laptop body. A USB port is used for the safety of battery life.
  • Foot-mouse or mole: Technology has been removed so many restrictions of man’s life and opened a large door of hope. Foot mouse or mole, eye tracking mouse are such examples. People who are disabled or cannot work with hand, they can use foot mouse.
  • Eye-tracking mouse: Eye-tracking mouse can also be used by the disable people only by using eyeball or retina movement.
  • Finger-mouse: Finger mouse is a tiny mouse. You can control it by only your two fingers and hold it in any position.
  1. Touch pad: Usually, portable computers or laptop computers have touchpad instead of a mouse. You can control the cursor seen on your screen by moving your finger along the touchpad. Actually, tapping the pad functions just like a mouse. But you can also use a mouse with your laptop instead of a touch pad.
  • Pointing stick: Pointing stick is a ‘nub’ that is located in the middle of the keyboard. You can control the cursor by using it. You can click the pointing stick by tapping the stick. You also can use separate buttons on the keyboard for this purpose.
  1. Joystick: Joystick consists of one or two buttons and a vertical handle mounted on a base. This handle is controls the movement of the cursor on the screen. The buttons are used to activate certain event or action. Generally, this pointing device is used to play video games and in some computer-aided design (CAD) system.
  2. Touchscreen: Smaller devices that do not have enough space to have a touchpad or keyboard such as phones or tablets, usually the entire screen of the device functions as input device. It is an electronic visual display. A touch screen is used just like the track pad of a laptop, and when required typing, a keyboard has appeared on the screen.
  3. Digitizer or Graphics Tablet: Digitizer is another pointing device used for drawing new pictures or tracing old pictures. Digitizer is mostly used for engineering drawings and making maps. Its another name is graphics tablet. Digitizer comprises of a special type of pad and stylus or puck. Each position on the pad points to the corresponding position on the monitor.

The stylus or puck is an input device. It is connected to the pad by a wire. Stylus looks like a pen. It is used for drawing pictures.

Puck also called a cursor, looks like a mouse. It is used for tracing old pictures.


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