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Computer Basic Parts and Functions


Most of us don’t know how to a desktop or laptop computer work but it is now essential part of our life. So we must know Computer Basic Parts and Functions.

Primarily, a computer is divided into two parts-

  • Hardware
  • Software

The hardware consists of that components which have physical existence, you can touch it and feel it. On the other hand, software does not have physical existence. Actually, software is the programs which give commands to your computer, but you cannot feel or touch it.

In this article we shall discuss about the Hardware components and their functions into four parts.

Various WAYS Make Money Online


Online money making program has become a popular profession now-a-days. If you do some homework on this topic, you will find so many ways to make money online. But thousands of opportunities which money making program will be best for you?
Well, you have to choose it yourself. We can only give you some good suggestions. After studying about these suggestions you have to find out that in which profession you have passion.
Here are some options for you to make money online. Let’s begin with details about the Various WAYS Make Money Online.

5 Common Business Online Progra

8 Main Reasons Slowdown PC


Slowing down of PC is a common problem which is experienced by almost all PC users. Most of us think that slowing down of PC is a natural consequent of aging our PC. But the idea is wrong. The computer does not get slower due to the aging of its component; actually there are some causes that are responsible for slowing down your PC. There are so many causes which are responsible for slowing down your PC. But don’t be worried because where there is a problem, there is a solution. Among so many causes, we have detected 8 causes as root causes which can be solved very easily.

List of 8 main Reasons Slowdown PC which are also Responsible for Slowing Down Your laptop too

5 common problems of your computer


It’s very difficult to find people who use computer and did not face any problem or difficulty. Most computer users use computer without knowing about this device as well. That’s why whenever a problem occurs, they cannot understand the reason of this problem and cannot fix it. Since “Prevention is better than cure”, therefore besides doing work with computer, read articles about the working function of your computer, problems that you may face and how to cure it.
This article is written to make you conscious about 5 common problems of your computer and to show you the way to fix it.

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)