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Do you know what kindle is?
It is a small hand-held electronic device for reading books developed by online retailer Amazon. As you download an iPod or MP3 player with music, you can download books (by wireless technology) on to a Kindle and read these books on it.
Amazon store provides many books to read freely on kindle (in kindle version). But if one of your wanted books is not on sale at amazon store –

What will you do?
Where will you buy books for kindle?
What you can do to make them readable on kindle?
If you want to publish that book for kindle, how will you deal with?

When you meet some problems like these, generally what type of solution come into your head?
What I shall do is nothing but searching on internet to find some good kindle tools

Although some kindle users know about kindle devices and eBooks they don’t know that there are so many kindle tools and resources available on Amazon. That’s why I am writing this article to tell you about these useful tools and resources.

Kindle Publishing Tools

To publish your eBook on kindle you must complete your eBook writing using supported formats such as –
 Word (doc or docx)
 HTML (zip, html, or htm)
 Mobi
 Adobe PDF
Now your concern is to check whether your book is displaying on Kindle well or not?If it is displayed well, then it’s ok.

But if not, then…………….

35                                                                                           what to do ????????

Don’t worry dear 10

The following tools are prepared for you –

KindleGen is Amazon’s officially supported tool for converting files to the Kindle format. So I shall highly recommend you to use KindleGen if you have a good knowledge about HTML, XHTML or EPUB.
This command line tool helps you to work in an automated environment with a variety of source content including HTML, XHTML or EPUB. KindleGen converts the source content to a single file which supports both KF8 and Mobi formats and thus enables publishers to create great-looking books which work on all Kindle devices and apps. But one thing you should keep in mind that files created using third-party software may not work properly on current or future Kindle devices and apps.


System requirements:
• Intel Mac OSX 10.5 or later
• Windows XP, Vista or 7
• Linux 2.6 i386

Kindle previewer
Are you interested to see how your book look across all kindles devices and app? If yes, then you can use Kindle previewer to see the layout of your eBook. This graphical user interface tool Kindle previewer make it sure that the text of your eBook displays properly for any orientation or font size and thus ensures publishers produce and submit the highest quality Kindle books.

kindle previewerystem Requirements:
* Intel Mac OSX 10.7 or later
* Windows 7 or later

Kindle plugin for adobe InDesign®(Beta)
Kindle Plugin for Adobe InDesign® (Beta) is used to convert documents or books created in Adobe InDesign to Kindle Format 8. The ability of this plug-in to convert the InDesign source content into a single file gives a great-look to the eBook and it supports both of KF8 and Mobi formats. So I shall recommend you to use kindle plugin for Adobe InDesign® (Beta) as it is compatible with all Kindle devices and apps. But files made with third-party software may not work correctly on current or future Kindle devices and apps.

kindle plugin

 Kindle Conversion Tools

If you want to read kindle books on multiple kindle readers without limitation or if you want to share books with your friends only DRM removing is enough to meet your need. On the other hand, if you want to read kindle books but don’t own a kindle device or if you want to read non-kindle books (purchased from google, nook, kobo, ibookstore, sony reader store etc) on your kindle device, you must have to do kindle conversion job. Because except for the DRM problem kindle devices support books only with kindle format. But the non-kindle books commonly have epub or pdf formats. That’s why it is necessary to convert epub or pdf to kindle formats.

Ultimate eBook converter

Calibre is a very popular eBook management tool but it is very difficult to remove DRM using Calibre. In that case you can use ultimate eBook converter which is not only very helpful to remove kindle DRM but also strip Adobe Adept and Nook drm limitations as you can see in the following image. Ultimate eBook converter can converts ebooks among kindle, epub and pdf very well.


 Kindle Reading Tools

There are so many reading apps available on amazon. Using these apps you can read eBooks very easily even if you don’t have a kindle device.

Kindle cloud reader

Kindle cloud reader allows you to read your kindle books on web and so you can read your ebook collection from any computer or device.



Kindle for PC and Mac


People who are interested to buy and read kindle books instantly on their computer, no matter they had a kindle reader or not, this app is especially for those people. To download this app follow the following steps:
 Log into your Amazon account and you will see all your purchases.
 Click on the cover and the downloading process will start.
After you finished downloading, the book files will be downloaded and saved in “My kindle content” folder will complete the book files. You can also transfer these books into your Kindle device using a USB cable. Kindle desktop reading app is also known as Kindle syncing tool.
Note: Although you can copy the synced kindle books to any device you cannot open these books on that device, because kindle books are formatted with kindle. In that case, you have to use Kindle conversion tools.

 Kindle Tools DRM

Almost all the books from kindle store are protected with kindle DRM ( Digital Rights Management) and that’s why you cannot read kindle books on non-kindle device such as – iPad, iBooks etc.
Using Kindle DRM removing tool you can remove DRM and can read your preferred kindle eBook on other device.

 Send to Kindle tools

Kindle Feeder
Kindle feeder service is only for Amazon Kindle owners. It helps them to send their favorite feeds to the kindle as an eBook. One can subscribe maximum 12 RSS feeds.
There are also other tools for sending files to your kindle. Such as: Push to Kindle,, Readlists etc.

Kindle Email
When we find an interesting webpage or receive some practical RSS feeds, generally we want to share them with our kindle so that we can read them later. For this purpose we can send our preferred files to kindle which is a traditional way. After completing registration in an amazon account, amazon also sends you an approved kindle email address, which ends with When we find something beneficial we also can send them to this email. Anything sent to this mail will be stored on your kindle library.
Open your “manage kindle page”, hover over the “personal document settings” and click on it. Then you will find all of your Kindle email. Obviously you can apply a new one to send files.
To save files and send them to email you must need some times. The browser extension readability will save this time. What you have to do is just to click on the add-on button in your browser. After that the current page will be sent to your kindle automatically.



Readability is available for Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.
To know about the functionality of all of these kindle tools and resources at a glance here is a chart:

Chart of Kindle Tools and Their Functions




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