Best Tips Solving PC Problems


Best Tips Solving PC Problems

For part 1 Top 10 Tips Solving PC Problems

So here the Best Tips Solving PC Problems

Part 2 includes the following topics:

  • 6.Automatically Turning Off Your Computer
  • 7.Problem While Synching Your Smart Phone with Your PC
  • 8.Instability of wireless network
  • 9.Problem in Printing from the Web
  • 10.Strange Noises from Your Computer


6. Automatically Turning Off Your Computer

You can face this problem due to the following reasons:

  1. Dying power supply
  2. A bad cable connections
  3. efective battery or overheating

Solution:  Check the connections of the cable; Check also that if your computer becomes very hot; check if the fan gets very dirty and needs cleaning; if it is a laptop, check whether your battery has been weakened and needed to be replaced.

7. Problem While Synching Your Smart Phone with Your PC

It is important to sync your smart phone content with your computer regularly to ensure backup of your Smartphone. But sometimes synchronization does not work properly. Depending on the type of your Smartphone and PC problems of synchronization can cause by various reasons. Sometimes it is needed to close all programs during synching or backup.

Solution: Make it sure to download or reject the projected updates which pop up along the way, so synchronization can be done. Search for the icon of synchronization to appear and check if for example the newest photos on your Smartphone have been moved to the PC. Verify the user manual for your device. If necessary, close open applications.

8. Instability of wireless network

Instability of a wireless network can be caused by everything from radio waves which interfere with the signal to the router’s location in the home or outdated network drivers.
Solution: If you think that the problem is caused by your cordless phone or the electric garage door opener or your radio that interferes with the wireless connection, in that case you can change the radio Wi-Fi settings or  move your router. You can also purchase a wireless repeater to extend the signal. And yes, it is also important to make sure that your network driver is always up to date.

9. Problem in Printing from the Web

It’s a very common need for us to print tickets or documents that we ordered or downloaded from the web.  But sometimes we face problems in printing from the web. It may happen if your computer’s pop-up blocker is turned on. Some PDF documents are protected by passwords and therefore they are not printable.
Solution: Allowing temporary pop-ups can be a solution. If you allow temporary pop-ups, you can find genuine programs that can break the code in a protected PDF document, but these are usually only legal to use if you or your workplace have the copyright to the document.

10. Strange Noises from Your Computer

If you notice that your computer suddenly starts to buzz or vibrate, it can be due to a hardware failure. Problems with the electrical components can be a reason of high, whining noise while buzzing noises are often caused by lack of aeration.
Solution:  Clean the filter and fan for dust and check that all air inlets are free. If it is a laptop, you can try to uninstall and reinstall your sound drivers to solve the problem. If it is a desktop, you can replace the sound card.


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