5 common problems of your computer


It’s very difficult to find people who use computer and did not face any problem or difficulty. Most computer users use computer without knowing about this device as well. That’s why whenever a problem occurs, they cannot understand the reason of this problem and cannot fix it. Since “Prevention is better than cure”, therefore besides doing work with computer, read articles about the working function of your computer, problems that you may face and how to cure it.
This article is written to make you conscious about 5 common problems of your computer and to show you the way to fix it.

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

The color blue is thought as a calming color. When it comes up on the screen of your computer with white text, perhaps it has a negative effect. The blue screen of death (BSoD or STOP Error) is one of the scariest problems of computer that you’ll come across.
This STOP error appears on your computer screen due to various reasons-
• Failing hardware
• Damaged software
• Corrupted DLL files
• Problems with drivers and so on.
To solve this problem you may reboot your computer. But truly saying, the remedy for a blue screen of death depends on the problem of its origination. The screen provides you with codes which can help you to identify and fix your computer problems.

Missing DLL File

Dynamic-Link Library is abbreviated as DLL. DLL files are very important for your computer as they house information for the operating system of your computer on how to perform particular functions. Your computer may lose DLL files occasionally or something can damage them. When the DLL files damage your PC can’t read the particular DLL file and consequently it cannot respond in certain situations. If you receive an error message every time you perform a particular function, such as saving, then you may have a missing or corrupt DLL file. If your computer problems are originating from missing and damaged DLL files, you can restore them by downloading and installing them back onto your PC.

Problems in installing application

Sometimes we face problems while installing application on our PC. This problem can occur if there is not enough space on the hard drive. In that case, you have to free up some space. This is not so a big problem.

Running Applications Slowly

Applications of your computer can run slowly due to several reasons. Your computer may have problems involving operating system or an application. Your operating system might be backdated or there is not sufficient space in hard drive. If the applications are backdated, then update them or if there is insufficient hard drive space then you can clean, scan and optimize your hard drive.

Abnormal Behavior of Applications

If your computer has problems that are involved with applications, then your device can act strangely very often and you will be wondered what has happened.
For example, your Word document will no longer show the top margin of your document. It still will say that it’s there and when you print it, you see that there’s no problem. It is just not showing on your monitor. If this is happening, you may reinstall the program or conduct an internet search for the type of problem you’re experiencing or consult your user manual may help you as well.


Using System Repair Software

To solve the problems mentioned above you may use system repair software to solve these problems. Most of these applications can repair the problems involving with your operating system i.e. problems that lead to the Blue Screen of Death. System repair software can replace missing or damaged DLL files, free up space you need for another application and can optimize your computer so it runs faster. Depending on the software you use and the application that’s having problems it can identify problems you’re having with applications.


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